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I believe that art is a way to communicate and shape one’s personal perceptions and reactions to our personal world. Even small things that may confront us may be poignant and worthy of comment, even if for only a moment.

Painting allows me to keep balanced. My work expresses my feelings about something as I try to capture the unique attitude of the subject. A reviewer once called me “a representational-narrative artist who wants, more than anything, to tell a story or communicate an attitude about the subject and evoke an emotional reaction.” I guess that’s accurate.

Most of my work comes from an emotional connection to a subject.  I believe in the power of art to tell a story and to communicate attitudes, ideas and emotions and to create discussion…all of which is healthy.  I believe that underneath today’s superficial world there is a slipstream of truth found in the emotions of people and their circumstances.  I want to catch this in my work.
This website contains work representative of the different stages and moods inhabiting me over time. I’ve chosen samples from these “eras” to illustrate my belief that change is part of the healing process and that the journey never ends...for me.

My work is found in private collections all over the U.S. and a few places in Europe. I have been in countless exhibitions in corporate galleries, public galleries, academic institutions, and homes. If you want a list, I can provide it, but what I did “yesterday” is not as important as what I am doing now...or what I might do tomorrow. Biographies are for those who place a greater value on the past than the present or the future. Sorry.

Thank you for taking a few moments to look at these works. If you would like to discuss any of them or purchase one or all of them, please contact me at 862-244-9959 or email me at 20% of any sales is donated to charity.Contact info: 862-244-9959; email: 4112 Hoover Lane, Wharton, NJ 07885.

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